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  Thanks so much for a fantastic holiday. I was looking at the photos for the first time last night (yes my life has been very busy) with a friend of mine who works at Cocos Islands and conducts reefcheck surveys there.

He also is a keen underwater photographer and he was blown away by Dorian's photos. Thankyou so much for the photos. I will send the photos I took of Dorian and passengers on the boat as we were travelling when I get my old computer fixed and can get the photos off it!

I am sorry I did not get to meet you Cara, but I hope you had a good time visiting the family.

I hope to come back some time, if the budget will allow it!

Happy regards and safe seas Kate

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  Hi Dorian & Cara

Nice website much better than the old one

Love to cath up with you 2 one day

Im glad things have worked out well for you both

Take care

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Kim Bramwell
  Just wanted to thank you both so very much for looking after me in Kavieng. I had an amazing time, and the diving was absolutely spectacular, and the guide...incredible! You guys have an amazingly well organised operation going there, and I was really impressed. Keep it up!
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Kaine Sherwood
  I would just like to thank Dorian & Cara for the wonderful diving for the past week and a bit. I have had some of the best diving thanks to them and Albatross Passage dive was the best Salt water dive I have done.


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John Day
  I was the Commonwealth Government Fisheries Inspector at Kavieng from 1973 to 1977 and my area of responsibility was all of the Papua New Guinea island region which included Manus, New Ireland, Bouganville and across to the Louisiades I arrested the Taiwanese fishing boat, Der Yang now sunk on Echuca Patch and was sunk at sea in the arrested Taiwanse fishing boat the Ta Che. I also arrested the Russian Spyship the SRTM Puschino and many other Taiwanese junks and two Japanese longiners caught illegally fishing. I loved to night dive on Lemus, Ral, Edmago and Nusalomon but did not get to check out the huge underwater cave I found on the tip of Bangatang Reef - I saw it one day when the water was clearer than crystal and vis to around 300 feet. I saw a huge broadbill whilst diving on the pinnacle three miles out to sea from Steffen Strait and was nearly capsized by a jumping Manta on the same day. I had a 23 foot de Havilland Trojan fitted with twin sixty gallon fuel tanks and a big high speed Volvo diesel. I constantly dream of my days spent underwater on the most beautiful reefs I have ever seen and in the swift straits and on Echuca Patch. I also used to dive on the pinnacles out from Utu High School and which boil in the fast currents. In my day, sailfish with the everpresent Frigate birds were seen everywhere in schools to a dozen or so and readily took a strip of tuna on a 10/0 hook. I snorkelled down onto the Japanese plane in around 40 feet in the harbour and found a big spotted cowrie inside the tail section which had been shot away.

I still love to snorkel but dream of returning to Kavieng where it all came together for me. Thank you for the opportunity to make these comments on your most excellent website

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Justin Martin
  July 2005 after a very stressful year working, I quit my job and escaped to Kavieng where I had the pleasure of meeting Dorian and Cara. I had the most unbelievable time and were shown some of the most amazing dive locations. I would recommend Dorion and Cara to anyone, and definately recommend the trip into this area. Great website guys.
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David Hayward
  Justin and I dived with Dorian and Cara in July 2005 and had an absolute ball. One of the best operators we've used while abroad. Superb diving, great variety from the caves to the fresh water snorkeling and wrecks. Thanks Dorian and Cara, you know we'll be back one day.... ps, Justin has nearly finished editing the video - lol!!!
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  Totally loving this site - have never been to PNG b4 but totally considering going now!!
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