New Ireland because of its limestone geology has great potential for cave diving. DorianFresh Water Cave Panapai and Cara with Local assistance have explored the region and with agreement of Local land owners have located a number of potential cave diving sites.

A number of sites have been mapped. Two of which are close to Kavieng and are easily accessible, LIga Onui and Panapai. These both have fantastic decorations, stalagmites and stalactites. For those suitably experienced, dives can be arranged to visit these sites. Divers opposite can be seen preparing to enter the first small cavern at Liga Onui. ( place of drinking water )

The sites of lugagoon and Pakawala have great potential for further exploration. The Fresh Water Cave Panapaiopportunity exists to organise expeditions for small groups of qualified cave divers interested in exploring this region.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in organising an expeditions or running a cave diving workshop.

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You can snorkel down the river to the pakawala sinkhole.

Amazingly clear fresh water, a tad cooler .


Pakawala fresh water swimming hole down stream from the Blue water sinkhole.




















Download Andy Nelsons, Trimixdivers, trip report : Kaviengs underground secrets

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