Travel Hints

How do I get to Kavieng?

Port Moresby

Air Niugini flies to Port Moresby from Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns in Australia, as well as from Singapore, Honiara, Manila, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Airlines PNG flies to Port Moresby from Brisbane and Cairns.

An Air Niugini domestic flight is the only practical way to get to Kavieng from Port Moresby. There are daily flights with Air Niugini from Port Moresby to Kavieng. Most days there is a direct connection available,

You can book online or download the latest schedule from We would recommend booking the international and connecting flights with Air Niugini in event of missed connections due to delays or cancellations. Alternative travel arrangements are then made by the airline.

At Jackson's Airport in Port Moresby, the Domestic Terminal is 200m to the right after exiting the International Terminal. its best to do your domestic check in at the transit counter in the international terminal.

Do I need a visa?

All tourists are required to have a visa to enter PNG.

Currently a 60-day tourist visa is available upon arrival for nationals of many countries including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA and most western European countries at Port Moresby airport. For other nationalities, it is suggested that you check with your nearest PNG or Australian Embassy or Consulate. This visa is non-extendable and the fee is currently K100. As only Kina cash is accepted it is suggested you purchase some Kina prior to your arrival in PNG.

To acquire a visa upon arrival, you will need a valid audemars-piguet replica passport for a minimum of one year after entry, proof of sufficient funds for your stay, an onward airline ticket with confirmed bookings and Kina cash.

Alternatively, you may acquire your visa prior to leaving your home country with either the nearest PNG Embassy or in some cases at the Australian Embassy in your country. Always check with these embassies for current visa requirements prior to leaving home.

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What is the Baggage Allowance?

With Air Niugini for international flights the standard allowance is 20kgs, with an additional 15kgs for dive gear (80lbs) - total 35kg for divers.

International travellers connecting to domestic flights on the same-day or within 24hrs qualify for the same additional 35Kg total allowance.

For domestic flights the standard allowance is 16kgs (35lbs)

Do I have to pay Departure Tax?

No this is included in the cost of air ticket.

I have heard its hard to travel around PNG?

Remember while travelling in Papua New Guinea, that although PNG is situated relatively close to other well developed South Pacific and Asian nations such as Australia, New Zealand and , Fiji, PNG is somewhat isolated and as a result, most services and facilities, including transportation and tourism, are relatively underdeveloped by comparison. When you travel to PNG you are visiting a country where tourism could hardly be described as an industry and as a result you may encounter different situations along the way that you would not normally expect in other destinations.
PNG also has an extremely wide variety of cultures, which are very unique – and to be an ethical tourist requires certain sensitivity to the local customs and traditions.
Although these factors make for a unique experience, they may, at times result in circumstances which may become frustrating. If you remain patient, keep an open mind and come to Papua New Guinea with a spirit of adventure and a positive and flexible attitude, your PNG Holiday will be a memorable experience.

What about security?

Unfortunately, when PNG does get featured in the international media, it is usually a sensationalist report, which depicts PNG only in a negative light. As a result, PNG often and unjustifiably is described as a dangerous and high-risk country to visit. You may get your first indication of this attitude from either your friends at home before you leave or from people you meet en route to PNG. Do not let this discourage you. If you take reasonable care and common sense, you are most unlikely to experience anything other than friendliness and hospitality. Crime is a factor everywhere these days, so take all precautions possible. As is the case virtually everywhere in the world – situational awareness is the key to keeping you and your belongings safe.

Is there a dress code in PNG?

For most occasions dress is informal though slippers/thongs and shorts are not allowed in some bars and restaurants. As a courtesy to local standards and customs visitors are asked to dress modestly.

What about Malaria?

Malaria is prevalent throughout the country. Please consult your physician about appropriate anti-malarial medications.

The best way to avoid Malaria is to avoid being bitten. Cover up in the evenings wear light coloured cotton clothing, avoid perfumes or perfumed moisturiser and use insect repellant on exposed body areas.

The use of Lariam is not recommend for divers

What about Insurance?

Divers are strongly urged to purchase comprehensive dive travel insurance, such as that offered by Divers Alert Network. evacuation costs are high in PNG it is strongly recommended that divers in Papua New Guinea hold full medical and evacuation insurance.

Where is the nearest Hyperbaric chamber?

There is a chamber in Port Moresby.

Hyperbaric Health Australia (HHA) operates a Twin Lock unit to international guidelines. This facility is centrally located at Port Moresby Medical Services, with easy access to the country's major dive locations. Port Moresby Medical Services is a private hospital with in-patient facilities for continuous patient care. Port Moresby Medical Services also operates a medivac service ensuring prompt delivery of injured divers for immediate hyperbaric treatment.

Evacuation with nursing support for injured diver stabilization and oxygen therapy is arranged using pressurized jet aircraft. 

Telecommunications: How do I make calls in and out of PNG

To dial PNG, dial your international code then 675 (PNG's country code) then the number.

From PNG, dial 00 + country code + number.

To call within PNG simply dial the telephone number.

Mobile network through Digicel and B mobile is available throughout the country and does offer international roaming.

What voltage electricity is supplied?

Electricity supply is 240 volts AC 50Hz using Australian style plugs.

What Currency is used in PNG?

The unit of currency in PNG is the Kina, pronounced "kee-nah", and sub-units of 100 are called Toea, pronounced "toy-ya".
Note denominations are available in K2, K5, K10, K20, K50 and K100.
Most major currencies and and international credit cards are accepted at all major hotels and tourist facilities.
It should be noted that at Scuba Ventures and Nusa Island Retreat, Mastercard and Visa attract a 5% surcharge.

What Language is spoken in PNG?

Although PNG is host to one-third (700+!) of the world's languages, English is the language of education and commerce. Tok Pigin is widely spoken in the Islands, although you will not need to know any to get around.

Here are some helpful Pigin Phrases

Monin - Good morning
Apinun- Good afternoon
Gut nait- Good night
Tenk yu- Thank you
Em hamas?- How much is that?kavieng kids
Mi laik baim- I would like to buy
Toilet We?- Where is the toilet?
Halpim mi plis- Help me please
Nogat- No
Mi no laikim- I do not like it
Lapun- Old man or woman
Balus- Aircraft
Ples Balus- Airport
Kago- Luggage
Wantok- Countryman or friend
Bilas- Decoration or uniform
Wara- Water
Yu stap gut?- How are you?
Mi stap gut- I am fine
Inap mi kisim poto?- May I take a photo?

What about transfers?

All accommodation facilities in Kavieng provide airport transfers which are included in the tariff.

Hotel courtesy buses and car rental services are available in Port Moresby and other main centres. Metered taxis are available in Port Moresby.


Is not customary in PNG but is encouraged by the dive industry.

What can you do in Port Moresby?

If you have enough time a visit to the botanical gardens, PNG arts and crafts or the museaum is highly recommended. Tours can be arranged through PNG Explorer who are based at the Gateway.

Is there any internet facility in Kavieng?

Scuba Ventures has a wireless internet facility available.

Is there a download facility for my digital camera?

Yes; if you camera doesn't require unique software, we do have the facility toClown Fish download images from your digital camera.

Where should I stay in Kavieng?

There is a broad range of accommodation facilities to choose from depending on your needs. Check out the accomodation section of this website for more information.

Are there any restaurants in Kavieng?

The only restuarants are those at the Kavieng Hotel, and Nusa Island Retreat. See the accomodation section of the site for information on these places.

The Malagan has an a la carte menu and theme evenings.

Kavieng Hotel has a sea food buffet on a Friday evening and a la carte every other night.

Nusa Island Retreat is buffet every night and a la carte during the day

How do I get from my accommodation to SV for my dives?

We will pick you up by boat from Nusa island Retreat and by vehicle from the the Malagan Beach Hotel and other facilities If you are a budget traveller staying at Venberts, Peter Tarot centre, Noxies or any other guest house in Kavieng, Scuba Ventures provides transport.

What is the best time of the year to travel to Kavieng?

Kavieng is equatorial, so the temperatures are always warm and the diving is excellent all year. Water temperatures range from 28-30° all year round.

Rainfall in Kavieng is fairly constant with Dec - Feb being marginally the wettest period.

June - September we receive the tail end of the South East Trade winds.

November - March, the known as the Monsoon season, the predominant winds are North Westerly.

April- July before the Southeast Season and September - November before the Northwest season have proven to provide good all round weather and dive conditions.

What else can you do in Kavieng?

kavieng gun

There are wide range of tours available. See the Thing to Do section for more information.

What form of payment do you accept?

All major currencies, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. For Visa and Master card add 5% due to processing fees.



What is the water temperature?

The water temp is average 29°C/86°F all year round

What kind of wetsuit should I bring?

A light 3mm wetsuit or dive skin is adequate.

When is the best time to Dive Kavieng?

Diving is excellent all year. April- July before the Southeast Season and September - November before the Northwest season have proven to provide good all round weather and dive conditions. To plan your trip so that you get to dive at least 2-3 days with the incoming currents at the passages. Please email us with proposed dates so we can advise.

What dive cylinders do you provide?

Aluminuim 95 and 80 cuft cylinders with yoke connector. We have two din adapters available for use but recommend you bring your own adapter if you have a DIN regulator.

What weights do you provide?

We have standard 2 and 3lb weights lose or on a webbing belt.

Can I hire dive equipment?

Yes we have a full range of Oceanic Hire Gear available. Tanks, air and weights are included in the dive fee.

Can I hire an underwater camera?

Yes we have available a canon underwater camera for hire.

Can I do night dives?

Yes, night dives are scheduled on request.

Is Nitrox available?

Yes, up to 40% mix. 32% mix is AUD 20.00 a fill with a 20% discount for those travelling with a Dive Shop Group.

Can I do a Nitrox Course?

Yes. If you are not Nitrox qualified you can do a Discover Nitrox Dive or a Nitrox Specialty course

What can my non diving partner do?

DolphinsSome of the dive sites can also be snorkelled, they may want to accompany divers. Additionally, there are many activities and tours around Kavieng they can do. See the Things To Do section for more information.